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Red Apple Sign-In - $19.95

This software helps you keep track of your students, whether in the special education resource room, detention hall, in-school suspension room, study hall or for that matter any other location where you'd like to use it.

  • Frees teachers from paper and pencil documentation.
  • Simplifies documentation by collecting sign-in data and making it available for Excel or other spreadsheet programs.
  • Easy to use "wizard" interface (step by step, back/next-style navigation).
  • Contextual help always visible on every page!
  • Easy enough for students to use independently.
  • One more easy contact point for students intimidated by computers.
  • Flat price for lifetime license plus free use of the sign-in programs on multiple computers as long as only one sign-in location is involved (facilitates administration from whatever computer you like).
Screen shot:

This product is currently priced at only $19.95! (one copy required per sign-in location/room).

Multiple sign-in locations require multiple licenses, but one sign-in location can be setup for sign-ins or administered from any computer.

LICENSING EXAMPLE: If you wanted to use the software in two sign-in locations/rooms, like special ed resource room and detention hall, two licenses would be required. This product is licensed by sign-in location/room, though you can install the software on as many machines as you like to access the data related to that location.

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